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“Your vision is a gift

~ Believe It ~

It will be true to bring you greater unexpected opportunities!”

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  • I think your transition from social worker to Author is very profound! You have the will, the talent, the intelligence the confidence and the fortitude to give people a better Insight on life, love and the truth. You are a great inspiration to black women all over the world. And I'm proud of you!! Thank you for your Contribution Sister

    Will Burris
  • Hi Jo-Lynn Love your book, the writings were very expressive and liberating , coming from someone who was always so reserved. Thanks for your acknowledgement of me. You know I will always love and support you, you're my friend for life. Live your life to its fullest. EXPRESS AND ENJOY

    Geraldine Kendrick
  • Poems deeply felt and shared! I enjoyed every single one and every single one of them made me think and feel and wonder more about life. Exactly what poetry is supposed to do! Absolutely delightful, inspiring and provocative!

    Judy Sundayo, Ph.D.
  • This is a testament to Jo-Lynn's combination of rapidly maturing talent of a writer's ability to generate such interest. With this debut, Jo-Lynn has laid effervescent expressions for the literary world to embrace her forthcoming second book of the series. And this is true.

    Wanda Torres
  • Jo-Lynn's Expressions are not just words; they take you to another place that is Special for each person! Her words make you feel the rawness and unpredictability of life! The best part of
    Jo-Lynn's Expressions is pain, joy, suffering, triumphs, and love belong to all of us. Looking forward to reading book 2!

    Nanette M. Herrera
  • Jo-Lynn, it has been a pleasure reading your books and growing with you. You have been an inspiration and motivation with your words from Jo-Lynn's Expressions volume one and two. I will continue to support your efforts and can't wait to read volume three. Thank you for opening your world up to us all.

    Dr. Bailey
  • In this particular space in time, many of us are made to feel unsure of what 'our' feelings are. Often others feel the need to tell us what we are feeling, or guide us into how to frame our feelings.  Jo-Lynn's Written Expressions  II is the sequel.  It takes the leap outside of what others' interpretation of our feelings, 'should be'. Jo-Lynn's Written Expressions II is a book about her experiences, her feelings, framed in a way that suits her and who she is.  Get Ready to Pull the Veil Back because she does not need validation....merely through sharing her experiences, she is validated and will no longer be ignored. Jo-Lynn's Written Expressions shares personal reflections on experiences that many of us will find commonality and solidarity in. 

  • On Jo-Lynn's Written Expressions 2,
    The expressions of this writer are so real. Yes, it is what she feels, see and experienced. Her expressions helped me to understand some of my hidden feelings and thoughts. It has awaken feelings and thoughts in me I had forgotten about.



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Love is action as in safety is to compassion

I am not the one to live in frailty, fear or fabrication just from the streets of the mirror you see

Lyrics, Poetry, Versus is where my plan lands not to be stale or stained only to be the light I seek

In the mind of writing, flowing and blessings to the point it becomes a master of living rather than a master of hope

Emotions are the opposite of purpose

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